Five things to know about macOS Sonoma

Apple just announced macOS 'Sonoma' at WWWDC 2023, introducing us to the newest generation of Mac operating systems. The new macOS brings a lot of new exciting features to Macs and offers a whole lot of customization options to spice up your set-up, but here are five of the most important updates and features to keep in mind. (Image credit:

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Intel Unveils Core CPU and Arc GPU Bundles, Balanced PC Builds

Intel on Wednesday unveiled its Balanced Builds initiative, under which the company plans to sell its CPU and GPU bundles aimed at mainstream gamers and enable PC makers to offer Balanced Builds systems with an optimal CPU and GPU configuration. One of the company's first bundles is its Core i5-12600K processor and an Arc A750 graphics card for $423. Although

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Google wants to make its Chat app a lot more personal by copying WhatsApp

Google Chat is introducing seven new features as it's seemingly shifting focus away from just being a business-centric platform to becoming, maybe, more like WhatsApp. To be perfectly honest, most of the update consists of pretty basic tools commonly found on similar services where you can talk with friends or family. If anything, this is Google catching up to them.

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Montana bans Telegram, WeChat, and Temu from government devices

On Wednesday, Montana governor Greg Gianforte didn’t only ban TikTok state-wide. He

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AT&T has some concerns about Starlink and T-Mobile’s satellite-to-cellular plans

AT&T filed some concerns with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Thursday

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Google’s AI-boosted search engine enters first public trial – here’s how to try it

Google has opened up access to its Search Labs testing program allowing

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Tesla claims every new Model 3 now qualifies for $7,500 EV tax credit in US

The starting price of a Tesla Model 3 — after federal tax

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Instagram is apparently testing an AI chatbot that lets you choose from 30 personalities

Meta could be the latest company to test the social potential of

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