Logitech’s new G Pro X 2 gaming headset has graphene audio drivers

Logitech is announcing a new G Pro X 2 Lightspeed gaming headset today that features graphene audio drivers. You’ve probably heard of graphene, the miracle form of carbon that has been promised by many over the past 20 years to change the world of technology. While we haven’t seen graphene used to create space elevators or make the internet run

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Bug Forces Intel to Halt Some Xeon Sapphire Rapids Shipments

Intel has confirmed that it has paused shipments of some of its fourth-gen Xeon Sapphire Rapids processors due to a newly-discovered bug. We received a tip that Intel had paused the shipments, and following up on the matter, we learned several details about the issue from Dylan Patel, Chief Analyst at SemiAnalysis, who says shipments have been paused for certain

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Intel is officially killing off the ‘i’ in Core i7 — as it goes Ultra

The rumors were true: Intel is officially killing off the “i” in “Core i9,” “Core i7,” “Core i5,” and “Core i3” — and it won’t broadly refer to its next series of processors as “14th Gen,” either. The chipmaker is now planning to sell three tiers of consumer chips: Intel, Intel Core, and Intel Core Ultra. Why? Intel branding experts

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