How To Create A Home Gym On A Budget

Sharing tips on how to create a home gym on a budget and what equipment you really need. For this post, I wanted to chat about how to set up a home gym and what equipment you need, especially since many of us are still working out at home, or you might be considering creating...Read More

11 Muscle Building Tips For Huge Gains

Muscle building is a complex physiological process that takes significant time and commitment. Unfortunately, information about building muscle is commercialized, convoluted, and even hazardous to health. Cut through the noise with these 11 scientifically-backed tips. 11 Frequently Asked Questions on Muscle Building: 1. How much resistance is best for building muscle? Contrary to popular belief,...Read More

Chronic Back Pain! Types, Causes, and 9 Poses To Try

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for guidance purposes only and does not substitute for professional medical advice. You should always consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if you’re seeking medical advice. Chronic back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Acute back pain caused by sports injuries and unexpected events...Read More

The Truth and How-To Guide

Most of us have been taught to believe that health is determined by visible body fat and weight. Actually, “looking fat” and the number on the scale are poor determinants of health. This blog post tells you the truth about body fat, body mass index (BMI), body composition, and how to find your body fat...Read More

Yoga Fitness in 3 Ways

The body is built to move, so most exercise is healthy and beneficial. Yoga is one of the least intense and most unique forms of fitness. Many potential or current yogis ask: “Can you get fit and toned from yoga?” Here, we explore how yoga helps you stay fit. 1. Yoga for Fitness: A Yoga...Read More

13 Reasons Why You’re Always Hungry And Solutions

Feeling hungry is a good and natural part of being human. Feeling hungry at regular intervals throughout the day is a sign of a working metabolism. But feeling hungry all the time, even after a meal, shows something amiss in your nutritional intake or psychosocial wellbeing. And it can be super annoying! Here we analyze...Read More
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