The best graphics card 2023: top GPUs for all budgets

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This year’s GPU war has begun with Nvidia launching the new RTX 4070 Ti GPU, a retooled, renamed RTX 4080 12GB that’s a hundred dollars less than its original incarnation, at CES 2023. While AMD’s keynote only included its mobile RDNA 3 GPUs, we’re sure that Team Red has a few things to store.

We’re hoping it’ll be a better year for GPUs since last year was a bit of a hit or miss. And, we’ll update this guide accordingly with new product releases and reviews, starting with the RTX 4070 Ti, which we’re already in the process of testing.

Getting the best graphics card for your specific needs is the only way you can get the best value for your money. It’s not just about spending money on the most powerful GPU that will give you blazing fast performance in both gaming and content creation. What makes it the best GPU isn’t just its raw performance, after all.

Getting your hands on the best Nvidia GeForce graphics cards and the best AMD graphics cards has gotten easier. However, finding the best GPU for your gaming PC can still be very expensive, especially if you get one of the top models. Yes, prices are starting to come down considerably from their highs of the last couple of years, making now a great time to buy a new graphics card. But, do you really need to spend money on a RTX 4090 when all you do on your PC is play the occasional PC game and stream movies and shows?

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